Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is Hubpages a scam?

Hi - This post is to let everyone know that Hubpages is not a scam.

I  believe that anyone who has the ability to write original articles can benefit from using Hubpages.

I have recently saw some people on blogs etc claiming that Hubpages is a scam.

That is not true Hubpages is fair and a good place for a new writer to learn.

They do pay fairly.

What I think is great is the fact that it is free to join.

Hubpages pays you to write on the website,you also can earn money from Google and Amazon.

I think Hubpages is more than fair, free is hard to beat.

I have been a member of Hubpages for over a year and have has little if any problems.

I also think Hubpages can be very beneficial to webmasters,bloggers,writers or any business that is online.

You can write content that matches your other sites and build links.

Plus get paid to do it.

Also you can promote most anything using Hubpages.

Add friends to the social media sites you use.

Hubpages also has a moderated forum that is fun, you can learn a lot about SEO and other helpful things there for free,so if someone  is telling you Hubpages is a scam, I think they are wrong,

If you want to try it for yourself for free click here and read the instructions on the page.

I don't think you will be disappointed.

Hubpages rocks.

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