Monday, November 26, 2012

Tips on how to deal with writers block

This article is to help anyone who is suffering from writers block get started writing again.
It really does not matter whether you are a blogger or a songwriter,these simple tips will help.

Coming up with original content
I like to write about personal experiences and things that interest me.
For example I like to draw,so can you imagine how many different ideas I can come up with to write about just on drawing.

  • The basic's of drawing
  • Shading
  • Selecting the proper tools
  • The best places to buy the tools
  • Etc
I call it brainstorming
The trick to brain storming is to just get words that apply to any subject you are writing about,for example I will brainstorm on drawing.
  • Drawing landscapes
  • people
  • portraits
  • animals
  • dragons
  • tattoos
  • comic style
  • paper
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • easels
  • anatomy
  • drawing hands
  • etc
Use Google trends
If you are writing online I suggest that you use google trends to help you find out what is "hot" or trending and that will give you something you can write about.
Don't copy other articles,write your own unique content.
Also look what is trending on Yahoo & twitter,they will also let you know what people are searching for or talking about.

I'm still stuck
If all else fails just get a pen and a pad and start writing,it may seem strange but it works.
Write down whatever comes to mind and then brainstorm on a topic and you are off to writing another great article or song.

Get paid to write for free
There is a website I use called hubpages,it is free to join and use and they pay you to write articles.
Click here to read about hubpages and how you can get paid to write,for free.

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Thanks for stopping by and happy writing.